Friday, 19 July 2013

My First Experience of the Summer Holidays as a Mummy!

 The holidays are fast approaching, 6 days to be exact! 

This will be my first experience of being a mom during the 6 weeks holiday. I feel a mixture of emotions. One half of me feels excited to spend this time with the girls to allow the bonding process to deepen.

The other part of me is thinking:

1.     How am I going to keep three young children occupied every day, all day, for 6 whole weeks?
2.     How am I going to keep calm, sane and my sense of humour intact?!

The girls are excited about the prospect of no school or nursery and (hopefully) plenty of fun. They have asked a couple of questions about what we will be doing during the break and I am sure these questions will only increase the closer we get.

I’ve got a few activities penciled into the calendar. Baking, plenty of trips to nanny and granddad’s house, cutting and gluing, parties, play dates and swimming lessons. However, I’m sure this list will be done and dusted all within the first week of the holidays.

What I am really looking forward to is taking the girls away for the first time. We are not going to do anything too grand. We have heeded the advice of our Social Worker and are planning a few days away by the coast. I am praying for hot weather so we will be able to build sandcastles, eat sandwiches (probably with sand in them) and paddle in the warm sea. Whilst acknowledging that a change in routine and familiarity can bring disruption and insecurity. I’m hopeful that during our time away we will create happy memories and we will use this opportunity as a time to bond and relax. 

So for those out there that have experienced parenting through the 6 weeks, advice on how to keep sane and keep the children entertained would be gladly welcomed.


This post has been written for the #WASO at The Adoption Social. 


  1. Firstly - have a great Summer Holiday!

    For me, the best thing I've ever done was discover Pinterest! Last year I was very organised and made up activity packs based on lots of crafty things I'd seen on Pinterest, some indoor, some outdoor, some 5 minutes, some for several hours - scavenger hunts, loo roll robots, suncatchers etc. I planned them all into a spreadsheet for the entire holiday.
    It sounds control freaky, but then that was the point. I knew what we were doing and when, and I always had something I could pull out and occupy the children with. I planned in rest/quiet days and big days out too.
    It kept me sane!

    I hope you have lots of fun finding things to do and manage to stay sane too ;-)

    Thanks for linking up with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

    1. Thank you very much for your advice, I will certainly take a look at Pinterest.

      I like the idea of being organised and I think I will be planning some creative activities!!

      Thanks again. x

  2. Vicki is right - planning is everything. Those things on your mental calendar .... make sure you put them on your actual calendar! The problem with holidays, I find, is that suddenly all the days seems to lack structure. No getting up and getting ready to go out in the mornings, regular weekly activities such as swimming lessons, etc. are often suspended, so the weeks stretch out in a boundary-less sprawl. So if you try to write a few things on the planner each week, even if it's just baking, or getting the paddling pool out, then it gives some structure to your weeks and give the children something to aim for and look forward to. Hope you have fun :)

  3. Vicki's got a fabulous idea. I'll hope you get warm weather!

  4. It is exciting looking forward to first holidays but at the same time scary. I agree with Vicki being prepared and planning is a really good idea. I will be organising days out and have a few ideas of activities we can do. Also allow yourself to be flexible so if what you've planned really doesn't look like it will happen or be enjoyable for you all, don't be afraid to change tact. Hope you have a great break.

    Thanks for being part of the weekly adoption shout out.

  5. Thanks for your reply. Planning certainly seems to be the key!! x